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rabbit and light

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The thirst for knowledge
Light Square
White Square
What is this mess

Minolta mount

My rabbit. She has grown quite a lot since that picture was taken. Reading light.

This rabbit lives in Mikulov, old Nikolsburg or Nicolsburg, now Czech Republic, in this Mikulov lodge

The Rabbit and the Cognac

The rabbit lives on top of a guest house or bed and breakfast in Mikulov, Czech Republic, but he likes French things. Like cognac. Or may be he does.

Cognac and Rabbit

The Rabbit is investigating the bottle of cognac

or rather the bottle of cognac named Meukow with some sort of feline creature on the label. I got the bottle as a present and put it down on the rabbit’s coach (yes Carrot possesses his own couch) when I was sorting things out. The cognac attracted the furry creature right away. When posting this picture (taken today) I just read a few things about Meukow cognac, apparently Meukow is a last name (Meukov), ,  which probably comes from meow sound somehow hence the cat. Brothers Meukow were Russian nationals from Silesia, then in Austrian empire, so in a way the Carrot shares both natural and adopted heritage of the Meukow cognac. Meow.